Wirecuts & Industrial Dough Cutting Machines

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Egan Food Technologies designs and manufactures a wide variety of machines for continuous process lines in the baking and frozen dough industries. We recognize that each wirecut application is unique. Thereforse, we custom-design solutions for our customers. Here is just a sampling of our offerings:


  • Stationary High Performance Wirecut - Through the Band

  • Portable High Performance Wirecut - On Casters with Internal Belt

  • Angle Overhead Wirecut - For Maximum Band Loading

  • Adjustable Head Wirecut - For Two-Color or Filled-Bar Production

  • Four Roll Wirecut - For Dual Dough or Multi-Layered Products

  • Frozen Dough Machines - On Paper or Bulk Pack

  • Tub Filling Wirecut - For Fundraising Applications


Our standard offerings are available in custom machine widths up to 60", supporting multiple die and filler block options. They may be stationary, mild steel or stainless, wash-down or standard duty, and available with standard or PLC controls.

Need something even more custom? Tell us about it.


Every Egan Food Technologies machine is tailored to our customers' product and manufacturing needs. Use this form to tell us more about your end product or the equipment you're looking for, and one of our specialists will be in touch.

You can also call us at 616-855-1820 or download our full product catalog.