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Egan Food Technologies proudly manufacturers and services all of its equipment from our Grand Rapids, Mich., headquarters. Our customers benefit from timely service and quick access to spare parts and accessories, plus coating services for new or used parts. Types of support include:



Field Support: Service technicians are avaialbel to visit your facility for on-site assistance and troubleshooting.


Telephone Support: Our skilled technicians are readily available to discuss your needs and troubleshoot remotely.


Preventative Maintenance: Incorporating a preventative maintenance program for your facility is the most effective way to maintain the parts of your system.


Spare Parts: Egan Food Technologies offers spare parts for our equipment and our competitors'. Because our headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Mich., turnaround time for parts is much faster than overseas suppliers.

Step 1: Quote

Step 1: Quote

Snap a photo of your project and email it to us for a free, no hassle quote.

Step 2: Sandblast & Bake

Step 2: Sandblast & Bake

We sandblast and bake your product to remove all of impurities from the metal, such as oil, rust or paint.

Step 3: Teflon Coat & Bake

Step 3: Teflon Coat & Bake

During the last step, we spray on the Teflon coating and rebake it for a sealed, durable finish.

Teflon® Coating

Most of us have heard of Teflon coating on our pots and pans to aid in cleaning, but it can be used in other industrial areas where sliding parts are needed. Teflon is a chemical substance also referred to as PTFE, short for Polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluroethylene that finds numerous applications.


Teflon coating provides a strong, durable finish that will not chip, dull or flake. Egan Food Technologies can remove any existing painted surface and apply a strong Teflon coat. We can also apply Teflon to new or used parts.

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