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NEW: Bar Forming Line Ships in 4 Weeks, Beginning in April

Egan SlabForm DUO Quick-Ship Program Starting at $85,000

Securing line time at a co-manufacturer in this climate is extremely difficult, especially for smaller manufacturers. Priced at pre-pandemic margins, the SlabForm DUO puts your supply chain back in your control. Egan Food Technologies is now stocking its newest bar forming equipment, the SlabForm DUO, delivering lines to customers in just 4 weeks beginning in April 2022. The new equipment starts at just $85,000.

"Our industry is not exempt from the supply chain issues businesses are facing right now, so it's really remarkable that our team was able to innovate a line with expedited delivery in less than a month." says Mike Sherd, Egan Food Technologies managing partner. "Most equipment in our industry is facing months, even years, of long lead time, by comparison."

Bar markers can automate easily with the SlabForm DUO, which removes the need for slitting and spreading mechanisms to create individual bars. Instead, dough is hand-fed onto two conveyor lanes, followed by 2-3 compression rollers that form the dough into bar-length moving slabs. A guillotine cuts the bars to a precise width, leaving them separated and ready for further cooling and packaging.

The SlabForm DUO manufacturers up to 100 bars/minute, based on a standard 3.5"x1.25" bar size, and was engineered with the following features:

  • Infeed "lanes" with custom-fit pressing rollers and adjustable-width dividers.

  • A stainless steel frame for a more sanitary design.

  • Automatic tracking and quick-release conveyor belts.

  • Optional ultrasonic bar cutter, cooling tunnel and pre-feeder.

  • A single-point, touchscreen HMI control panel capable of storing product recipes.

  • Remote tech support from Egan Food Technologies via secure internet connection directly to the HMI control panel.

Like all Egan Food Technologies equipment, the SlabForm DUO is manufactured and serviced in the U.S.A., and can be customized to meet individual food processing needs. In-person and virtual product testing is available at our headquarters.

Download additional information in the brochure below.

Download PDF • 2.20MB

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