Fully Automated, Compact ChocMolder 600c Debuting at Pack Expo

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., July 6, 2021—Egan Food Technologies, a confectionery and baking process equipment manufacturer and service provider, is unveiling at Pack Expo a “first-of-its-size” compact chocolate molding system. At less than 30 feet long, the ChocMolder 600c features all the functionality of robust, industrial lines. Its compact design and onboard systems have been engineered for significantly easier installation and faster startup. With production rates of approximately up to 700 lb/hr, the new ChocMolder 600c is ideal for manufacturing one-shot (center-filled) chocolates, chocolates with inclusions and solid chocolates.

“At Egan Food Technologies, innovation is driven by customer needs. We continue to hear from customers that they have space constraints but need to scale up chocolate production significantly,” says Mike Sherd, Egan Food Technologies managing partner. “We engineered the ChocMolder 600c to be the world’s most compact, fully automatic chocolate molding line.”

Onboard the ChocMolder 600c, manufacturers will find industrial-class features such as:

  • A stainless steel frame for a more sanitary design.

  • An automatic mold circuit with center-pin chain design for smoother, more reliable transitions.

  • Automatic shaking and vibration for product consistency and that can be user-adjusted via HMI.

  • An integrated, multi-zone refrigeration system with all components onboard – no remote condensing or refrigeration units needed.

  • A dual-action demolding system that gently places chocolates onto a servo-controlled takeaway conveyor.

  • A radiant, infrared mold reheat station.

  • A single-point, touchscreen HMI control panel capable of storing product recipes.

  • Remote tech support from Egan Food Technologies via secure internet connection directly to the HMI control panel.

Like all Egan Food Technologies equipment, the ChocMolder 600c is manufactured and serviced in the U.S.A., and can be customized to meet individual food processing needs. Mold design and sourcing is also available from our in-house experts.

The ChocMolder 600c will be on display and available for purchase at the Egan Food Technologies Booth SU-7100 at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Sept. 27-29. Download additional information in the brochure below.

ChocMolder 600c
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