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Case Study: California Bar Maker


One California bar maker knew it was time to upgrade from the company’s clunky and slow pressing machine, but COO Gary assumed that a new bar-making line was out of financial reach for the company. He began researching used equipment, but was disappointed to find that the best option available was too much for his team to maintain.

“We would have needed an engineering course just to keep it operating,” said Gary, whose small business doesn’t have an in-house engineering department. “And because it was originally an imported line, there were major communication gaps in providing service for it.”

Gary had been eyeing industrial-level bar forming lines from Egan Food Technologies, and while he knew that wasn’t the right solution for the company either, he reached out to Egan’s John Micelli for more information about entry level options.

Egan Food Technologies SlabForm 250


Gary flew to Egan Food Technologies’ Michigan headquarters, where John introduced him to the SlabForm 250, a line that starts at just $95,000. “I was blown away when I saw it,” said Gary. “It was like seeing the DeLorean from Back to the Future.”

At the Egan Food Technologies shop, Gary was able to receive training on the SlabForm 250 before the equipment was delivered to their manufacturing facility. With remote engineering support from Egan, his team in California started up the new equipment. Soon after, they were producing up to 12,000 bars per hour – a significant increase from the previous production rate of 2,000 bars per hour.

“This equipment has been the biggest evolution for our production,” said Gary. “It’s solid construction, easy to clean and maintain, and our bar weights are much more accurate so we’re saving money on material costs.”

Gary pointed out that the company is also saving money on labor, with just one or two people running the machine daily. He also appreciates that SlabForm 250 can grow with the company by adding other Egan Food Technologies equipment, and plans to someday expand the line with a cooling tunnel.

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