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Egan Food Technologies Customizes Molding Line for Sky Bar Relaunch Featured in Boston Globe

After purchasing the Sky Bar brand at Necco's auction, Louise Mawhinney selected Egan Food Technologies to build custom molding equipment for the relaunch of the nostalgic candy bar. First introduced in 1938, the chocolate bar features four sections, each filled with a different flavor: caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge.

This month, Sky Bar is back in production in Sudbury, Mass., where Mawhinney has established the headquarters for Sky Bar Confectionery Co. And with the relaunch, the Boston Globe has written about the return of the Sky Bar in this article, which also includes mention and photos of the custom equipment from Egan Food Technologies. In addition, local Boston CBS station WBZ, also features a look at the custom molding line.

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