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Chocolate Molding Expert John Micelli to Join Egan Food Technologies

Egan Food Technologies, a confectionery and baking process equipment manufacturer and service provider, will be adding a chocolate industry veteran to its leadership team. John Micelli, former President of the Micelli Chocolate Mold Company, will join Egan Food Technologies effective April 16. John will spearhead the company’s market growth strategy in a newly created role that will also provide insight on product development and sales.

“Egan has a culture that I believe in, driven by customer service, a great staff, continuous quality improvement and flexibility on custom applications,” says John Micelli. “Egan’s target market is similar in many ways to Micelli Mold, which I’ve enjoyed building and growing over the past three decades. I’m looking forward to joining Egan’s outstanding team in my next endeavor in the confectionery industry.”

In John’s more than 30 years of industry experience, he’s held a range of roles that include foundry, machining, tool & die, engineering, shape design, sales and more. He’s served as President of his family’s namesake company for the last 15 years. John estimates that he’s been involved with developing molds for more than 6,000 chocolate products during his tenure at Micelli Mold. Because mold layout and design is an early step in new product development, John expects that his expertise will create a more streamlined process for customers who look to Egan for their custom equipment needs.

Egan Food Technologies’ Managing Partner Mike Sherd says that Egan customers will also benefit from John’s breadth of experiences in the molding industry. “When you’ve seen the inner workings of as many chocolate factories as John has, you accumulate a database of industry knowledge and understanding that can’t be replicated any other way. John’s know-how will be a tremendous resource to our customers,” he says.

Customers can meet with John at the PMCA Annual Production Conference in Lancaster, PA. He’ll be at Egan Food Technologies’ Booth #132, April 16-18. Additionally, John will maintain a satellite office in the Northeast market, from which he can better serve customers in that region of the country.

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