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Affordable Slab Forming to be Unveiled at Pack Expo

Egan Food Technologies will unveil at Pack Expo slab forming equipment designed specifically with entrepreneurs and start-up bar manufacturers in mind.

In 2012, Egan Food Technologies introduced the first USA-made slab-bar forming line. Since that time, consumer demand for bars of all varieties has exploded, with countless new product introductions in that category. As new manufacturers enter the bar market and established players introduce new products, Egan Food Technologies has seen growing demand for more affordable, locally manufactured bar forming equipment.

Egan Food Technologies’ Entry Level Slab Former will allow companies to affordably automate processes currently being done by hand. The equipment gently, uniformly presses dough across a 16-inch-wide belt surface. Pressing rolls are adjustable for bar thickness and accommodate product inclusions. A guillotine device cuts the slab every 24 inches, and a retractable conveyor gently places the cut slab into an 18-inch by 26-inch baking pan, in which slabs can be cooled or baked prior to cutting into unique bar lengths and widths.

“Just like our original slab forming line, this entry level version is designed to form more fragile products, such as nutritional bars, granola bars and crisp rice and other cereal bars,” says Mike Sherd, managing partner of Egan Food Technologies. “We’ve engineered our original technology in a way that keeps the price low on this equipment, but still allows a growing business to automate.”

The Entry Level Slab Former is manufactured at Egan Food Technologies’ Grand Rapids, Mich., headquarters and will be on display at Pack Expo booth #S-2689, located in the Confectionary Pavilion in Chicago, from November 6-9, 2016. Additional product information, including a demonstration video, can be found at

Entry Level Slab Forming Line

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