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New Slab-Bar Forming Line from Egan Food Technologies is USA-Made

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., July 19, 2012—Egan Food Technologies, a confectionery and baking process equipment manufacturer and service provider, will unveil at Pack Expo a new slab-bar forming line that is manufactured and serviced from the company’s headquarters in Grand Rapids, Mich. While Egan Food Technologies has long offered bar extruders, the new equipment is designed to form more fragile products, such as nutritional bars, granola bars, crisp rice and other cereal bars.

In the past, similar products have been manufactured primarily overseas, and customers often dealt with high costs from exchange rates and long waits for service requests. Customers of the Egan Food Technologies line will benefit from competitive pricing and timely service.

“Our customers’ need for a true North American source for slab-bar forming is what prompted the development of this new line,” said Mike Sherd, co-owner and project manager at Egan Food Technologies. “In the past, they’ve been frustrated with the hassles of going offshore for equipment and service. With our new slab-bar forming line, food manufacturers now have a convenient and cost-effective source.”

The company’s engineers

designed the slab-bar forming line using industry best practices to create a fully customizable system with state-of-the-art features. Stainless steel components allow for easy sanitation and complete wash down, while a modular design makes way for additional features—such as toppers, cooling conveyors, pressing rollers, extruders, slitter assemblers and an ultra-sonic bar cutter—all of which are available from Egan Food Technologies.

The slab-bar forming line will be on display at the Egan Food Technologies’ Pack Expo booth, S-1190 located in the Confectionary Pavilion, in Chicago from October 28-31.

Slab Line

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