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Custom Food & Dough Extruders

Egan Food Technologies offers custom-designed extruders for the confectionery, baking and snack food industries. We also provide spare parts and auxiliary equipment, and we rebuild and service existing extruders. Types of extruders include:


  • Two-roll continuous

  • Four-roll continuous (a.k.a. co-extrusion)

  • Cream soft center extrusion

  • Caramel layering

Designed for manufacturing health food bars, dough or any product extrudable into ropes, Egan Food Technologies' 2-Roll Continuous Extruder has an output of up to 15 feet per minute and is available in widths up to 52".

Extruder Testing Lab

Interested in automating the production of foods that are currently hand-formed? Egan Food Technologies has an in-house lab for testing the extrudability of products. Customers can even utilize our facility remotely. Simple send us your ingredients for testing and we'll provide video footage of the resuts. Contact us for a test.

Change Parts

Extruding Change Parts

Readily available change parts for extruders by Egan Food Technologies and other brands include:


  • Filler Blocks

  • Dies

  • Wire Frames

Auxiliary Equipment

Extruding Auxiliary Equipment

The following auxiliary equipment can be added to Egan Food Technologies' custom extruders or purchased seperately for existing equipment:


  • Ultra-Sonic Bar Cutters

  • Rounders

  • Contour Roll Assembly

  • Nut Toppers & Recovery Systems

Learn more about how auxiliary equipment can improve production without replacing an entire processing line in this featured blog post: Upgrade, Don't Replace Your Line (Part 1).

Need something even more custom? Tell us about it.


Every Egan Food Technologies machine is tailored to our customers' product and manufacturing needs. Use this form to tell us more about your end product or the equipment you're looking for, and one of our specialists will be in touch.

You can also call us at 616-855-1820 or download our full product catalog.

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