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Dough Handling & Sanitary Conveyor Systems

Egan Food Technologies has extensive experience with dough handling sytems and sanitary conveyors. From a simple dough trough that transports dough from a mixer to a forming machine, to a totally automated, power-dough feed system, we have solutions for every budget. More and more, our customers see the value that these systems offer. 

Dough Line With Product Handling Equipment

Dough Feed Systems

Dough Feed Systems

Each dough handling application is unique. Cookie dough, for example, can be soft and chewy (wirecut) or dry and stiff (rotary). Health or nutrition bar dough is often dense or sticky. Pet food dough (treats or biscuits) can be dry and crumbly.


Egan Food Technologies has a wide range of custom solutions for dough handling. Our standard offerings are available in machine widths up to 60" supporting mulitple capacities. They may be portable or staionary, mild steel or stainless, washdown or standard duty and available with standard or PLC controls. Our Power Dough Feeder Offerings include:


  • Sheet Rolls

  • Kibblers

  • Incline Conveyors

  • Specialty Conveyors (Transversing, Reciprocating, Oscillating)

  • Dough Troughs

  • Dough Trough Elevators

  • Special Dough Feed Troughs

  • Chunkers

  • Live Bottom Troughs

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Ultra-Sanitary Conveyors

Ultra-Sanitary Conveyors

Egan Food Technologies offers an ultra-sanitary and tool-less conveyor for easier sanitation and autonomous maintenance.


The conveyors are unique in that the pulleys, motors, drives, shoots and belts can all be easily removed using only your hands, so that anyone working on a line can fully disassemble the convyor. Once disassembled, the fully customizable conveyor has virtually no bacteria-harboring niches for an ultra-sanitary design and easy washdown.


Egan Food Technologies' conveyors can be integrated with other food processing equipment or purchased individually.

Z-Conveyor with Retract Conveyor

Need something even more custom? Tell us about it.


Every Egan Food Technologies machine is tailored to our customers' product and manufacturing needs. Use this form to tell us more about your end product or the equipment you're looking for, and one of our specialists will be in touch.

You can also call us at 616-855-1820 or download our full product catalog.

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