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Cooling Tunnels & Industrial Exhaust Hoods

Products such as coated popcorn, granola, and other baked goods -- even fresh cut vegetables -- can benefit from product cooling during the manufacturing process. Learn about the importance of cooling in our Cooling 101 Blog Post. Egan Food Technologies offers cooling tunnels, fans and exhaust hoods.

Cooling Tunnels

While each Egan Food Technologies tunnel can be custom-built to meet process needs, the equipment was engineered using all current industry best practices for cooling cookies, bars, molded chocolate, and enrobed confections.

The tunnel is constructed entirely of stainless steel and features components such as chilled deck plates and air flow divider shelves that can be removed without the use of tools for quick and easy sanitation. Available in widths up to 48 inches, the tunnel uses a modular design to accommodate varying cooling requirements and production line lengths. Its adjustable cooling profile allows for either radiant or convection applications.

Egan Food Technologies offers a test unit for analysis of customer’s cooling needs. Customers can send products or recipes to Egan Food Technologies for testing, or Egan Food Technologies can bring the unit to the customer’s facility for on-site data collection. Whether testing remotely or on site, customers will receive crucial data on their products’ precise cooling profile(s).

Cooling Fans & Exhaust Hoods
Cooling Fans & Exhaust Hoods

Cooling Fans & Exhaust Hoods

Egan Food Technologies' cooling fans are most often placed above or below the discharge frame of a band oven. Our fans rapidly cool cookie, cracker and snack products and can reduce product adherence problems at the take-off knife. Designed as an economical alternative to consider when immediate product cooling is critical at the oven discharge, cooling fans deliver significant value. Feature stainless steel construction, Egan Food Technologies' coolng fans are easy to maintain, easy to install, and are available in widths up to 60".

Need something even more custom? Tell us about it.


Every Egan Food Technologies machine is tailored to our customers' product and manufacturing needs. Use this form to tell us more about your end product or the equipment you're looking for, and one of our specialists will be in touch.

You can also call us at 616-855-1820 or download our full product catalog.

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