Custom Chocolate Molding Equipment

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Chocolate Molding Plant

We offer chocolate molding equipment for companies of all sizes -- from a beginning chocolatier to a large food processing factory. The heart of our molding plants is the PLC/servo controlled depositor, which optimizes center-to-shell ratios and overall product weights. Plus, they're built to meet your needs now and can be easily adapted for your future growth, making our mold plants a cost-effective solution.


All Egan Chocolate Molding Plants can be customized with indexing or continuous chain circuits. For customers with exisiting circuits, we can build custom depositors to fit those circuits, regardless of original manufacturer. 

"The new molding line has benefited us greatly by eliminating production downtime thus increasing production output and revenues. 

Most importantly, the one-shot depositor is producing a higher quality product with a better center to shell ratio. The ability to make fine adjustments to the process is invaluable."

     ~ Gary Sigler, Daffin's Candies

Egan Food Technologies' Chocolate Molding Plant features a two-axis depositor, a continuous chain circuit and opposite end de-molding for high outputs of up to 25 molds per minute.

One-Shot Depositor

Our One-Shot Depositor on a loose mold conveyor is ideal for chocolate makers requiring additional automation, such as mold shaking.

One shot Depositor Sequence

Unit Depositor

Ideal for manufacturing solid products, products with inclusions such as nougets, chips and wafers, Egan Food Technologies' Unit Depositor has a mold size width up to 600mm and can be designed to fit existing molds. It also functions as an entry level molder or test lab unit for larger processors. Learn more about our depositors.

Auxiliary Equipment & Change Parts

Auxiliary equipment can be customized for newly-built lines from Egan Food Technologies or retrofitted for existing machines of any brand. We offer the following:


  • Inclusion Feeding & Mixing Systems

  • De-Molding Equipment

  • Mold Heaters

  • Plaque Feeds

  • Melters


We also offer piston blocks and deposit plates as changes parts for Egan Food Technologies' equipment, as well as for other brands.

Need something even more custom? Tell us about it.


Every Egan Food Technologies machine is tailored to our customers' product and manufacturing needs. Use this form to tell us more about your end product or the equipment you're looking for, and one of our specialists will be in touch.

You can also call us at 616-855-1820 or download our full product catalog.