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Automate Your Growing Business

Stop hand-forming your cannabis-infused confections and snacks. Automate with custom food-processing equipment for entrepreneurs.

As the legal market for recreational marijuana grows, artisan chocolate makers are increasingly creating cannabis-infused confections, candy and other snacks.

In fact, sales of high-CBD chocolates grew by 217% in 2017.

When demand increases and hand-forming can no longer supply production needs, entrepreneurs turn to Egan Food Technologies to automate their processes. We have experience supplying equipment to this emerging industry and our solutions are designed to scale with your business.

Contact us at 616-855-1820 or for a solution custom-built to your recipe. Or read on for equipment we've already designed with small processors in mind.

Baking and Confectionery Products


Our extruders can be used to manufacture health food bars, dough, or any product extrudable into ropes. If you're looking to manufacture marijuana edibles, Egan Food Technologies can test your recipe for extrudability and advise on a custom automation solution.

Entry Level Slab Forming
Entry Level Depositor


Ideal for manufacturing solid products, products with inclusions and extracts, chips and wafers, our Unit Depositor functions as an entry-level molder for cannabis edibles. We understand the unique need of edibles manufacturers to eliminate product waste, due in part by the expense of THC as an ingredient. In the video below, we engineered a precision depositor for one customer with unique packaging needs, where consistency was also critical to production.

Extruded Bars
Chocolate with Inclusions

Slab Forming

Slab Formed Bar

The $3.7 billion snack bar market is exploding with demand. Savvy edibles manufacturers looking to create marijuana snack bars will need a plan for automation. We offer an affordable slab former that gently, uniformly presses fragile materials like granola, crisp rice and other bar ingredients. Like our other equipment, it's designed to scale as demand for your cannabis-infused bars grows.

Entry Level Slab Former

Cooling is a key step in the manufacturing process for cookies, bars, molded chocolates and enrobed confections. The long process of cooling at room temperature can be sped up through custom cooling solutions from Egan Food Technologies. We even offer on-site and remote testing using our cooling test unit, to determine your product's unique cooling profile.


Made in USA
Molded Chocolate

Need a custom solution? Tell us about it.

Every Egan Food Technologies machine is tailored to our customers' product recipes, and we have experience engineering solutions for uncommon applications. Examples include precision depositing for dosage requirements, processing for premium product inclusions with minimal waste and manufacturing with ingredient consistency.


Our engineers can advise on the most affordable equipment for your business to begin the automation process. Plus, all of our machines are manufactured at our Grand Rapids headquarters, conveniently located for both design and service.


Fill out this form, or contact us at 616-855-1820. 

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